Social Gambling Engine is programming technology that allows experienced game developers to create their own casino games with ease. By purchasing SGE you get the full source code for the game engine. The code can be used to develop different casino games for most platforms (Facebook, PC, iOS and Android). SGE uses common technologies, such as PHP and Flash, which allow to find the programmers easily and reduce the support costs.

Early launch

Ready in 2 months

With SGE you don’t have to spend much time on programming. All you need to do is implement your own game concept into Engine and get the game ready. No extra time spent on writing code will guarantee you a quick launch of your project! Two months is not the limit.

Money saved

No revshare, no fees

You pay for Engine only once! No revshares and set-up fees guaranteed. We’ve developed packages that will absolutely suit your needs and no doubt surprise you with the low prices starting from just €29,000. By buying SGE you save money on development and support.

Your own concept

Your 100% control

You can use Social Gambling Engine to create any casino game you want. All you need to do is develop the concept for your game and then implement your gameplay and graphics into Engine. Moreover, you have 100% control over the game development and after its launch.

What we offer

  • Social game features

    Social Gambling Engine combines all the features typical for social casino games with the special ones developed by our team. Among the features you will find level-up game progress, visit-a-friend option, free gifts, leaderboards, daily bonuses, wishlist, goals, achievements, collections, upgrades. game power-ups, and more.

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  • Technology stack

    SGE consists of 3 parts: server side (back end), client side (front end) and statistics. Server side and statistics are written in PHP and client side uses Flash technology. Social Gambling Engine uses MongoDB database which makes the game fast and easy to scale. With SGE you can easily support the game and track any stats you need.

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  • Reasonable pricing

    With SGE you have a great opportunity to spend minimum amount of money ever needed on game development. We offer a wide range of prices depending on your needs, starting from only €29,000. You can choose from among the special price packages available. You save up much money after the game is launched as there is no revshare.

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About us

We are a team of game developers ready to share our experience and knowledge with you. We focus on social gambling apps and are ready to help ambitious developers create new game products based on our Social Gambling Engine.

Contact us

For any questions regarding Social Gambling Engine features, pricing or cooperation please contact our Sales Department: