Social gambling engine features

Social Gambling Engine is programming technology that allows experienced game developers to create their own casino games with ease. By purchasing SGE you get the full source code for the game engine. The code can be used to develop different casino games for most platforms (Facebook, PC, iOS and Android). SGE uses common technologies, such as PHP and Flash, which allow to find the programmers easily and reduce the support costs.

By buying Social Gambling Engine you will be able to use a lot of valuable features for your own game or application. SGE includes all the typical and new user features for social games (Facebook apps in particular) along with useful programming features that allow you to make any game adjustments and easily gather game stats.

1Social game features

  • Daily Bonus feature – allows players to collect daily (regular) rewards in coins, in-game goods, power-ups, energy, and any upgrades or special game credits. The Daily Bonus feature makes the game more interesting and ensures players will keep returning to the game.
  • Free gifts – this social option is a favorite among Facebook players and allows to easily exchange gifts (power-ups, coins, upgrades, etc.) with each other. The more friends players have in the game, the more gifts they can send and receive.
  • Wishlist feature – players can add any game items to their wishlist and then buy these items when they're able. Players can also see their friends' wishlists and buy and send their friends the items they want or need. This option adds a lot to the social aspect of the game.
  • Visit friends – this feature is vital for any social game to increase player retention. It allows players to visit their in-game friends, perform certain actions and receive bonuses for their activity. And again, the more friends the players have, the more benefits they can get by joining their friends' gameplay.
  • Profile – all the information about the player's game progress is saved in the profile. Any player can see their friends' profiles which include the following: level, in-game balance, leaderboard, achievements, and wishlist.
  • Leaderboard feature – shows a player's progress in the game compared to the other players' game results. A player can check the progress of top players among the friends, all players in a certain country or all players worldwide.
  • Goals feature – any social game can be more interesting when players have the option to complete goals. SGE allows to create a variety of different goals including: complete certain in-game actions, win a definite amount of coins, use certain game items, invite friends, etc.
  • Achievements – this feature allows achievements to be awarded for completing goals or special tasks. These tasks include reaching the next level, using in-game upgrades or power-ups, winning jackpots, inviting friends into the game, completing collections, etc.
  • Collections – players can complete special collections for in-game events and receive rewards for doing so. Completing a collection can be defined in various ways: independent events, skill actions, or using game items and goods.
  • Bonus rounds – these are extra mini-games offered at every game level. All the bonus rounds are pick-a-prize games that add fun to the gameplay and allow the players to win extra in-game cash, coins or items.
  • Upgrades feature – this special feature is INNOVATION for slot games and makes it possible to upgrade the slot machine: add a skill stop button, apply expanding wild symbols on the reels or set up an autoplay option.
  • Customizable symbols – this special feature is also slots INNOVATION which allows to change the standard symbols on the slot machine reels to new ones (that have been either won or purchased), and thus create a new slots game with completely different symbols.
  • Power-ups – players can use certain special power-ups to increase their winnings and speed up the gameplay. These special power-ups can be win multipliers, free spins, XP multipliers, or additional payouts.

2Technology stack

Social Gambling Engine consists of Client and Server. Check out the main features of both.

CLIENT (written in Flash)

  • Implements Facebook API
    • requests (send gifts, ask for items)
    • share (post to wall)
    • invite friends
    • pay using Facebook credits (also supports possibility to "earn credits")
  • Track player actions
    • Format: name, value, data (any object)
    • Queuing so as not to push server on each action; "Important" actions are pushed immediately
    • Implements Google Analytics to track the most important player actions
    • Track all errors
  • MVC paradigm
    • Models – data and logic
    • Controllers: respond to some changes
      • commands: 40 commands that can be performed by user
    • View
      • GUI is totally separate from logic
      • no Spites are used to make great graphics performance
      • high-level abstractions like Stage (not Flash stage), Windows, Tabs, Paginators, etc.
      • Modular structure – load only what you need now
    • Preloader – small and fast
    • Game – manages other modules
    • Modules: Reels, Bonus Levels, Liberty Bonus
  • Resources are loaded dynamically
    • No resources need to be embedded in the main swf-file
    • Packages – so you don't need to download hundreds of small images, fonts and sounds
    • Caching but versioning – player doesn't load package again but if anything changes he or she will know about it (no support answers such as "Please try to clean your cache")
  • Easy support of A/B testing
  • Communication with server
    • common command interface – action:String, data:Object , callback:Flash Function
    • support of temporary loss of Internet connection (very common problem – most games write "Please refresh" even if the connection is lost for several seconds or some other programs are using all connection)

SERVER (Written in PHP. Uses Memcached + MongoDB)

  • Functions
    • Respond to player client (execute commands, return result)
    • Respond to admin client (admin commands like "set my next spin results", "set my coins", "emulate like I've made 1000 spins and show the chart", "reset my bonus waiting time", etc.. Very useful for testers)
    • Proceed gift requests (very quickly shows "Thanks you got free Mojito from Jack" without downloading Flash)
    • Send messages with queuing of statistics (a lot of interesting data, screenshots in separate e-mail)
    • Development scripts for easy updating item params: mojito gives 3 free spins, "Happy Santa" achievement is given for 50 accepted gifts and so on
  • Math is in a separate file that is in PHP but is so simple that it can be edited by non-developers
    • "hack" math – never let player have 10 spins without any wins; give "big win" at least once in every 100 spins, etc.
  • Facebook API integration
    • Get player info
    • Callbacks for Facebook payment API
    • Achievements
  • Don't allow players to cheat – cannot play unlocked games, use unbought items, send gifts that player doesn't have, use time bonus too often, etc
  • Easy to scale
  • Very fast – no problems with frameworks and slow databases