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We offer reasonable pricing for all Social Gambling Engine packages. The benefits we offer not only include the low price and thus significant savings, but also the fact that we license SGE to game developers without revshare (that is widely practiced today). Each licensee gets the full source code for our Social Gambling Engine paying only once. After purchase the game developers have the choice to continue developing their game on their own or with our team’s help. So, by choosing SGE you can absolutely count on the following:

1No revshare

2No set up fees

We have developed special packages to suit everyone interested in purchasing our social game technology. Our prices starting at just €29,000 will surprise you! In order to identify the package you need and determine its price please contact our Sales Department. We are also always happy to advise our clients on any questions regarding the social gambling market in general.

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For any questions regarding Social Gambling Engine, its features, pricing packages, support or cooperation please fill in the contact form or contact our Sales Department via e-mail or phone.